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The Global Real Estate Investment Guide

Introduction to investment in global real estate:
Why would you invest in global real estate?

Many people have the dream to spend holidays abroad, relaxing or wandering iconic streets. However, foreign countries deserve more than a brief visit; they offer valuable investment opportunities for global citizens that are beyond holidays homes.

Real estate has always been a widely-popular choice for those who are looking to invest their money for high and stable returns, and such choices are encouraged by the stories of those who successfully built their fortunes through real estate investments. 

A type of real estate investment that is associated with wealth is that of out-of-boarders/international real estate investment,
or what we call " global real estate investment". People invest in global real estate for two major reasons:

  1. Acquiring a holiday home. Here, the investment would be classified as residential real estate.
  2. Achieving profitable returns from renting or selling the property later down the line. Here, the investment may be within residential or commercial real estate.

As a new investor, you should clearly define your choice of the above, regarding your strategy of investing into global real estate. If the purpose of your investment is to acquire a holiday home, your search scope will be focused on options such as having a home in the countryside where there is nature, being on the coast or having a swimming pool; familiar and logical options to those who are looking for a place which offers a unique holiday experience. 

If the purpose of your investment is to achieve profitable returns, whether from renting, operating, or selling the property in the future, your options then, will be entirely different. At the residential property level, your search for a downtown home will be concentrated into more vibrant areas. For commercial real estate, your research will be for a property such as an office or set of offices within a city center.

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