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Our accelerated growth is an expression of our mission, which began in 2015, and continues on creating the best global investment opportunities and strategic partnerships. Since inception, in addition to increasing our investor base, we have successfully executed a vast number of bespoke investment opportunities that has resulted in increasing the quantum of our real estate assets across the UK, Europe and the US. Commitment to our mission is reflected in the success of our partnerships and obtaining the best returns for our investors.


We aim to expand your horizons, by providing our partners with access to an extensive number of exceptional opportunities.
Our ability to create and lead direct opportunities, has enabled us to occupy a prestigious rank in the global real estate investment market. The trust of our investors and our continuous efforts to provide our investors with the best-in-class returns, gives us the accolade of where we are today and is what we are the proudest of.
As part of our growth trajectory, our investor base and our assets are continuously growing and we strongly believe that neo capital will be the best-in-class partner for investors seeking direct opportunity investments.

Our Philosophy

We, at neo capital, base our philosophy on objectively investing in high-quality assets. We focus our attention on risk-adjusted opportunities, driven by global economic and demographic trends. Our investors' access to the best returns is at the heart of what we do at neo capital. We handle your investments in all honesty, placing them in the right place, at the right time, in order to gain the provisions of profit and sustainability.

Trust has been the foundation of the path to success together with our partners.

neo capital was founded in 2015, with the aim of creating and leading unique investment opportunities in the global real estate market, and with the purpose of providing our investors the confidence in achieving high returns on their investments.
Our investors come from varied investment backgrounds in terms of experience and scale. Additionally, some investors may prefer high-yielding assets, whilst others may prefer stable cash flow assets. To cater to the needs of our investors, neo capital uses its deep-rooted experience and knowledge in the global real estate market to create profitable partnership ventures and delivering risk-adjusted returns.
This places neo capital as a trusted partner in leading direct opportunities in global real estate.

Trust, transparency, and ambition to achieve success.

Our values are the factors that have contributed to our success, growth, and the prosperity of our partners since inception. Our values at neo capital were shaped by four concepts


Our partnerships with investors are based on the principle of trust. Such trust comes from our full commitment to work at the highest ethical standards. It is reflected by our long and well-established relationships with our investors, and where our relationships developed from business partnerships into strong personal relationships.


Everybody wins when information is available and clear; that is how we understand and apply transparency at neo capital. Information and sources are always accessible to our investors, enabling them to make the best and most suitable decisions. We believe that transparency is a key factor in maintaining and enhancing trust.


At neo capital, we are committed to delivering the highest returns and achieving the greatest possible value for our investors. We create and share unique opportunities in order for all partners to reap the benefits, together. We are committed to solidifying our partnerships and ensuring our investors are a permanent partner for the success we achieve.

Profit Maximization

We treat investors’ funds as if they were our own. Therefore, we are keen to wisely use such funds, and take great care in considering all risks involved when making our investment decisions. When your investment grows, ours grows too. We handpick unique investment opportunities, so that you can be our partner in reaping the highest feasible profits.


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