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We Invest In High-Conviction Real Estate Opportunities & Create Long Term Partnerships

We put you at the forefront of global investment opportunities

We create and lead investment opportunities from our offices in London and Dubai

At neo capital, we are proud of investing capital in private real estate opportunities on behalf of our investors – individuals and institutions. We believe in providing our investors bespoke opportunities and access to global real estate investments; in order to preserve and generate wealth, hand in hand with us. We primarily invest across real estate asset classes across prominent cities across the world. Our constant mission is to create and lead partnerships, to pursue significant global opportunities and to create long-term wealth for our investors through careful capital deployment and asset management.

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While investing through our deal pipeline and syndication structure, you will earn significant returns through fractional investments in multiple deals. neo capital was founded in 2015, with the aim of creating and leading unique investment opportunities in real estate for the purpose of delivering superior value to our investors. By achieving high returns on investments through our experience and trust as a leading global investment manager.


Our global real estate portfolio is spread across developed markets, and in choosing our assets, we conduct thorough research and rigorous due diligence. The objective is to create value by providing unique and risk-adjusted investment opportunities to our investors.

royal docks

Mixed used asset Liverpool, UKDetails

neo W6

Commercial office tower London, UnitedKingdomDetails

neo ams

Commercial office tower Amsterdam, NetherlandsDetails

neo harbor

Modern luxury multi-family building on the waterfront Stamford, USADetails

neo dc

Commercial office tower Arlington, USA Details

neo 200

Commercial office tower Rotterdam, NetherlandsDetails

neo 625

Commercial office tower Chicago, USA Details

neo spn

Commercial office tower Frankfurt, Germany Details

neo brook

Commercial office tower London, United Kingdom Details

neo fra

Commercial office tower Frankfurt, Germany Details

Advantages of investing with neo capital

We offer investors the opportunity to invest in a diverse and resilient portfolio on a deal by deal basis providing capital preservation and attractive returns in the form of distributions and capital gains upon exit.

Investment management

Independent, Entrepreneurial & Experienced Team with significant & paramount Real Estate experience.

Direct deals

Each transaction is a ring fenced structure where investors participate through a direct co-investment structure.

Portfolio diversification & risk-adjusted returns

As real estate investments usually generate income from cash flow, while other equity may not; real estate investments tend to be less volatile and less sensitive to market risk factors. Our investments are a product of Positional Advantage through deep Market Knowledge and thorough Due Diligence.

Access to unique investment opportunities

Our investment philosophy and thesis is primarily focused on preserving capital, and achieving high returns with strong risk management.

Attractive returns

Our global partnerships with best-in class partners, provides our investors with institutional level of comfort and ease of investing. Our investments offer stellar return metrics on prior & current investments. the partnership with experienced partners provides you with a peace of mind. neo capital provides investment quality with timely forecasting, reporting. neo capital also delivers high target returns to its customers.

Global partnerships

Global partnerships through our combined experience, both locally as well as internationally across the globe. To provide our investors with access to strategic and stable assets.


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